A good-intentioned dating app 
designed to get you off your phone —
and onto first dates that feel like the fifth.

An app designed to bear fruit

A good-intentioned dating app designed to get you off your phone —
and onto first dates that feel like the fifth.

paird was inspired by a frustration with dating apps. 

We grew tired of watching our conversation pages 
fill up with chats that led nowhere.

We believe in keeping it real.
We are committed to being genuine.

paird provides an opportunity for potential partners
to get to know one another (the real one another) before getting to the first date.

We’ve bridged the best of our competitors with a semi-social feed that is only populated with users who have shown mutual interest and “paird” with one another.

Many dating apps integrate Instagram into a dating profile. We love Instagram, but not every image or video we post
is ideal to attract a mate. 

By doing so, users discovering more about one another before getting face-to-face. 

A semi-social feed

This feature gives users the opportunity to know right away who might be available for a date.

Seems simple, and it is.

This feature resets every day, so users always know who is available to do something in real time.

A "dating app" should be just that.  A place to get to know someone for real-world interactions.


What better way to get to know people from afar than by hearing their voice?
Have you ever sent a text that failed to convey the right tone?

We believe hearing someone’s voice offers a deeper glimpse into who they are, allowing pairs to further get to know each other before meeting.

Voice note feature

paird's (anti) Ghosting feature is a straightforward solution to one of the biggest problems in the dating app scene. 

Ghosting has become rampant due to low effort in
post-match conversations.

The (anti) Ghosting feature gives the power to users by allowing them to decide in their settings the maximum time they would like a chat to be inactive before it disappears.

(anti) Ghosting feature

Inspired by behavioural science

paird draws insights from behavioural science in findings ways to bring back the human element of online dating. 

Inspired by human science, paird's mission is simple: 
create a future of dating that is honest, authentic, and decent.